Vintage 8mm Films

I am currently preparing to release a new batch of classic 8mm films on the website.

They feature some of the most stunning models from the 1960s and 1970s, who worked with the legendary Harrison Marks and Russell Gay.

Not all of the films were shot by Harrison Marks (GHM) or Russell Gay (RG). Those that were I have noted below.

Also I have found a colour 8mm version of the sexploitation classic It’s A Bare Bare World starring Margaret Nolan and Vera Novak.

Added to this I have unearthed a film that I never even knew existed entitled Snap Happy starring Ann Austin and Lorraine Burnett. I had no idea that these two great ladies had worked together or that Ann Austin had ever made any 8mm films.

The films coming up are: –

Call For Sally – Sally Douglas (RG)

Room For Two – Sally Douglas (RG)

Mercia At Home – Mercia Turner (RG)

One Track Mind – Margaret Nolan (GHM)

The Casting Couch – Angela Duncan (GHM)

I Spy – Paula Page (GHM)

Kitty Belle

It’s A Bare Bare World – Margaret Nolan (this version is in colour)

Snap Happy – Ann Austin and Lorraine Burnett

They will be released during the next few weeks.