New Releases for December 2015

There are three new films being released in December 2015. The release dates and the films are: –

04/12/2015 – Anastasia Lux: Buxotic Babe.

This is the first in a new series of Nudie Cutie films in which individual models reveal their inner most thoughts about their careers and their private lives. In this film we meet the gorgeous Anastasia Lux. Whilst displaying her fabulous body, Anastasia reveals her secrets in a sexy voiceover.

11/12/2015 – Katie Thornton: Buxotic Babe.

The second film in this series features the stunning Katie Thornton. This is slightly different in format to the film with Anastasia Lux, in that Katie reveals her secrets straight to the camera, whilst lying naked in bed, rather than as a voiceover.

18/12/2015 – Kelley Scarlett: A Celebration

The final film for the year is as the title states, a celebration of the beautiful Kelley Scarlett.

Kelley was one of the first models to be featured on and we adored having the chance to work with her again recently.

This film features some new scenes and introductions from Kelley, but is primarily a collection of scenes of Kelley through the years.

However, this is not just a compilation of scenes that are already available, but is made up of 100% unseen footage from when Kelley first started to work with us at, right up to the present day.

New Model – Amber King 

We have been working with another fantastic model named Amber King. We had the privilege of meeting her a couple of months ago and shooting a Nudie Cutie film with her. This will be released as a silent film with a music soundtrack. A photo of the gorgeous Amber is attached below. We will keep you posted as to the release date of this film soon.

Also, during the course of December, we will be releasing more film in the Collections series with a discount of 20% off the full price, so keep looking out for those.

Finally, don’t forget that the discount code of XMAS2015 is available until 31/12/2015. Apply this to all the items in the Cart to receive an immediate discount of 15% off everything you have purchased.

Amber King 2