Leanne In London Part 1

Today I am releasing the first part of a new three part film starring the amazing Leanne Crow entitled Buxotic Babes: Leanne in London.

In this part of the film, Leanne is in conversation with her very good friend the gorgeous Channelle Hatton. This proves to be a very interesting and revealing interview. I don’t believe that Leanne has given this type of in depth interview before and I am sure that all her fans will love to hear about her time before she became a model and also what her plans are for the future.

Of course, being a Buxotic Babes film it is not just talking heads you will get to see, but the amazing Leanne Crow at her most breastastically spectacular yet.

I had intended to edit this film in the style of Mondo Topless, the legendary film by the great Russ Meyer, whereby you would only have heard Leanne’s answers to the questions she was asked by Channelle and you would not have seen the actual film footage I shot.

However, whilst I was editing the film, I thought that Leanne and Channelle looked so good together that it would be much better to intercut their interview scenes with Leanne’s incredibly erotic solo scenes, rather than just having a voiceover.

The second part of the film will be released later this month with the third part following in early October.

[download file=’Buxotic Babes Leanne in London Part 1 1080.mp4′ type=’video’ text=’Download (1080p)’] [download file=’Buxotic Babes Leanne in London Part 1 720.mp4′ type=’video’ text=’Download (720p)’] [download file=’Buxotic Babes Leanne in London Part 1 540.mp4′ type=’video’ text=’Download (540p)’]

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