New releases for December 2016

There are three new film releases for December 2016. The release dates and the films are: –

02/12/2016 – Penny Lee: Buxotic Babe.

This is the third in our series of Nudie Cutie films in which individual models reveal their inner most thoughts about their careers and their private lives. In this film, we meet the gorgeous Penny Lee. While displaying her fabulous body, Penny reveals her secrets in a sexy voiceover.

09/12/2016 – Lizzie Murphy: Buxotic Babe.

The fourth in our series of Nudie Cutie films features the beautiful Lizzie Murphy. This is slightly different in format to the film with Penny Lee, in that Lizzie reveals her secrets straight to the camera, rather than as a voiceover.

16/12/2016 – Amber King Film 1 and 2  

We had the pleasure to work with a fantastic model named Amber King recently. We shot a couple of Nudie Cutie film with her. They are being released as a package, rather than individually for the usual price of one Nudie Cutie film. Amber did not undertake a voiceover for us, so these were shot as silent films, and a music soundtrack has been added. A photo of the stunning Amber is attached below.

Festive Season Discount

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Amber King 1