Buxotic Babes relaunch

Welcome to Buxotic Babes.

The website is relaunching as a Video On Demand site.

There is no longer a monthly or quarterly membership fee to pay. You buy what you want when you want.

There are three categories of films that you can choose from at the moment – Vintage, Nudie Cutie and Sexploitation. That way you can decide exactly which types of film you prefer. Or you may like all three varieties.

If you prefer classic 8mm films from the 1960s and 1970s, then the Vintage selection is for you.

If you prefer films that put big boobs front and centre, whilst at the same time including a lot of softcore fun, then the Nudie Cutie selection is for you.

If you prefer your Buxotic Babes to be involved in more sexual situations – with the emphasis on the sex – then the Sexploitation selection is for you.

I am sure that whatever your preference you will find something here to excite you. And there is much more yet to come.